Catherine Feliz

New York, NY (b. 1992)

Catherine Feliz is an interdisciplinary artist, full spectrum doula, and community medicine-maker born and raised in NYC (occupied Lenape territory). Her multimedia projects are personal reflections on the social-political constructions of power and knowledge. Through applying the languages of visual desire and the practices of care, they’re interested in imagining new narratives of place that center the experiences of politicized bodies. Catherine’s identities as a queer, diasporic, bilingual, and afro-latinx inform their love-powered community healing practices and the founding of Abuela Taught Me, a modern pop-up botanica.  


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This Beauty Can Be Your Undoing
Serving Realness ::: Plastic Truths

Prints, Photographs, & Zines

Selected Photographs
Archive of a Maroon in Translation / Archivo de una Cimarron en Translacion
You See the Costume Not the Spirit